HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards. By removing these hazards, food poising and other food related incidents can be prevented.
Of course, kitchen ware is not outside of the scope. Hasegawa products are designed to help confront food related hazards in kitchens.

Against Biological Hazards

Microorganisms are classified into biological hazards. While many of them are beneficial and are used in fermented food, there are some kinds that are harmful to humans.
Hasegawa kitchen wares are antibacterial so the growth or activities of bacteria and viruses are inhibited. Especially our cutting boards are SIAA certified, which is one of the highest antibacterial standards awarded in Japan.

In addition, heating is one of the most effective ways to kill bacteria and viruses.
Kitchen wares, not just food, also need to be sterilized with heat.
Most of our kitchen wares are heat resistant, so they stand boiling water or a dishwasher.

Soft Cutting Board -FSR-

The Soft Cutting Board cushions and absorbs the blows of your knife, thus preserving your blade’s sharpness. The wood core structure makes it lightweight, rigid, and blade-friendy.

FSR Series

PE Cutting Board Brown -FSB-

The PE Cutting Board takes on your general tasks and resists staining better, compared to our Soft Cutting Board. The wood core structure makes it lightweight and rigid.

FSB Series

Non-Slip Mat -FYS-

This multipurpose non-slip mat has a strong grip which even resists water. An hygienic alternative to wet cloths, to place under cutting boards. It is also easy to wash and dry.

FYS Series

Against Chemical Hazards

Allergens are classified into chemical hazards. It is of great concern for some individuals who are sensitive to an allergen. It is particularly important to avoid cross contamination by controlling foods that are known to produce allergic reactions.

Color coding of kitchen wares is an effective way to use them separately depending on ingredients. The NSF Cutting mat has 5 different colors, and it’s light and thin so that you can easily place on larger cutting boards. Our sushi roll mats and whisks also have color variations.

NSF Soft Mat -FRM-

This cutting mat is blade friendly and light weight, which works great when cutting different ingredients temporalily. It is easy to handle, leading to better hygiene and maintenance.

FRM Series

Makisu -FMK-

Hasegawa Makisu is a revolutionary sushi roll mat that is made from advanced plastic and monofilaments. It is very hygienic, and yet as easy to roll as conventional ones.

FMK Series

Whisk -FWS-

Hasegawa whisk is tough and hygienic. The wide open rods makes it easy to wash. The solid grip without any voids avoids liquid from entering inside.

FWS Series

Against Physical Hazards

Any potentially harmful extraneous matter that is not normally found in food is classified into physical hazards. When people eat the foreign material or object by mistake, it can cause choking, injury or other health problems. If your kitchen wares are easily broken, they are likely to be the cause of foreign materials in your food.

Hasegawa kitchen wares are hard to break or chip, for a safer eating experience for everyone.
Especially, our 3 different types of spatula are designed to be tough and heat resistant.
They all are great alternatives to wooden spatulas thanks to their designs for hygiene and safety.

The basic one, with the highest rigidity, is the Mixing Spatula. Its rigidity comes from a wood core like our signature cutting boards. The material on its tip is the same as the sliding surfaces of high-grade skies, to avoid friction with the bottom of pods. There are many available sizes.

Mixing Spatulas -FSO-

The heat-resistant mixing spatulas are designed for commercial use. It has a sturdy body which stands thick soup, and the slippery tip which avoid scratches on the bottom of pots or pans.

FSO Series

The handy one, with the highest heat-resistance, is the Turners. It does not melt even when being used for stir-fries with oil. The thin head is designed for its usability, but it does not easily break. It has a shorter handle.

Turners -FST-

Hasegawa turner made from advanced plastic is safe and hygienic. It does not generate mold, wood chips or metal burrs, like wooden or metal ones do.

FST Series

The heavy duty one, with the highest toughness, is the Stirrer. In addition to its heat and abrasion resistance, it is not easily worn down from heavy use. So it is suitable for making soup, especially for ramen soup with a process of breaking pork bones down. It has a longer handle.

Stirrer -FXO-

This stirrer made from advanced plastic is highly heat resistant, tough and durable. It does not easily break, so very hygienic and long-lasting. It is perfect for Ramen soup!

FXO Series