Our Research & Development

We seek safety by responding to customers’ concern and by pursuing quality. As a result, we launch new products every year. There are 3 points which drive our research and development.


1. Listening to what customers truly want

We participate in about 100 events including trade shows every year. It is for listening to customers’ concerns and opinions, not just for promoting our products. We highly value this opportunity to directly hear customers’ needs which constantly change over time.


2. Technical capacity in manufacturing

Most of our products are manufactured from materials at our own factory. This is because the company started as a ski material manufacturer, leading us to become an expert in plastic materials. We develop new products starting by examining different materials.


3. The structure of research & development

10% of our human resource is spent on research and development, which accelerates our new product developments. Research and development is what we value. We try to launch new products as soon as they are demanded by customers.