Corporate Profile

Company Name Hasegawa Corporation
Founding Date Jun. 11th, 1955
Address 1384-5 Kamikoya, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba 276-0022 Japan
Business Lineup Manufacturing and distributing of;
- Professional / Home Use Kitchen Wares
- Sheet Materials of Ski / Snowboards
- Waterproof Sheet Materials


Where We Started

Hasegawa Corporation was founded as a ski materials manufacturer.
Skis have a wooden core sandwiched between plastic sheets which should never separate, as that can cause injury to skiers. In order to keep skiers safe, we started focusing on the technology of the adhesion.

The ‘invisible quality’ of our adhesive technology method has been built on unique techniques and know-how that we have cultivated in house. With these techniques, we have developed a cutting board that cannot be imitated by our competitors.
Our cutting board has a wooden core structure, which is similar to that of skis. Its advantages in hygiene, rigidity, and usability makes it our leading product.

Kitchen wares are often made of plastic, wood, or metal. Each has advantages and disadvantages.
Using these materials with our ‘adhesive lamination technology’ allows us to create highly functional kitchen wares that have not existed before.
We apply this technology to many of our products, not just our cutting boards.