Seeking Safety with Science

We never limit our pursuit of safety.
To provide products demanded by people around the world,
we have 3 main values which are explained below;


Unique Techonlogy

We develop and manufacture our original products. We do this by using unique technologies, which cannot be easily imitated.

‘Adhesive lamination technology’ is what we are proud of, which enables the gluing of different kinds of materials. It might sound simple, however, it is actually quite a complicated technique. The quality of the gluing process is not often noticed until the materials have come apart. The strength of the adhesive is invisible just by looking at the surface.

To maintain ‘the invisible quality’, our know-how is applied at every step through the manufacturing process. Our history of achievements has built confidence and trust that our products will never delaminate. For safety and security, we prove that the techniques are highly important, which can often be overlooked. We will continue to value our unique technology.


Committed to Safety & Security

Our products and ‘safety & security’ have an inseparable relationship. As hygiene control in restaurants and food factories gets stricter every year, our products are demanded by more customers.

We are very particular about high antibacterial properties and heat resistance for heat sterilization of our products. The unyielding antibacterial properties prevent the growth of bacteria. The heat resistance allows hot air storage and boiling disinfection which ensures to kill bacteria. We are proud to contribute to the safety of the food service industry through our products.

In addition, our products are designed to be durable and easy to use. Some examples are the easy-to-wash design and the structure which does not easily generate foreign particles. Products with irregularities or irregular shapes not only tend to collect dirt, but also make it harder to remove dirt when being washed. It is important to consider how easy it is to wash, and not just above properties like antibacterial and heat sterilization, when it comes to product hygiene.

In order to provide customers with a comfortable and safe cooking experience every day, we provide products that are easy to use with complete measures against food poisoning.


Contribution to the Food Service Industry

There is no limit for safety and security.
The customers’ needs for safety and security change over time.

Threats can appear suddenly, like E. coli or Norovirus, and can largely affect the food service industry. We are aware that these threats cannot easily be stopped especially with the progress of global warming in recent years. Furthermore, we have been asked for solutions like never before, such as measures against food tamperings or allergens.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we are constantly developing new products. Using our unique technology, we form what customers truly want, and bring them to the world. We will continue to contribute by creating products that have not yet existed.