Light, Rigid, and Outstandingly Blade-Friendly!

The ‘wood-core structure’ is what makes Hasegawa cutting boards special.
The reasons why are explained with the 3 points below;

1. Light Weight for Hygiene & Safety

Hasegawa cutting boards contain lightweight wood inside them which makes them 30-50% lighter than other plastic ones.
Handling the cutting boards becomes much easier, leading to better hygiene and maintenance.
It is also safe for handling in kitchens, as the risk of injury is lower if you drop it on the floor.

2. Rigidity & Heat Resistance for Hygiene

With the rigidity of wood and our adhesive technology, it does not easily warp under heat or pressure.
Our cutting boards can be cleaned with dishwashers or disinfected with boiling water.
This rigidity brings you a stable and comfortable platform without being deformed or uneven.

3. Blade-Friendly, a Gentle Touch for Delicate Knives

The rigidity allows very soft plastic to be applied to the surface of the cutting boards.
Conventional ones have a hard surface to keep their rigidity.
In fact, cutting boards are the key to maintaining a sharp blade on knives.
Our cutting boards with a soft surface are suitable, especially for Japanese knives with delicate blades.


For Hygiene Control Following HACCP

Our cutting boards and other kitchen wares are appreciated in the food service industry. They are required to follow strict hygiene control.
HACCP is a food safety management system to identify biological, chemical, and physical hazards. By removing these hazards, food poising and other food related incidents can be prevented.

With high antibacterial properties, our products prevent bacteria from growing. The antibacterial level is guaranteed with the SIAA mark (The Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles).
The heat resistant properties enables our products to be heat-sterilized. Our products support hygienic practices, which contribute to the customers in the food service industry.


Best for Chefs of Japanese Cuisine

Chefs who prepare Japanese cuisine have been favoring our cutting boards, due to its soft surface which is suitable for Japanese knives. Japanese knives are indispensable for cooking Japanese cuisine, and are very delicate.
One of the most important factors for keeping the sharpness of knives is the cutting boards. The hard surface of conventional cutting boards easily damages the sharpness of delicate knives.
Our cutting boards with a soft surface help to maintain the quality of the blades.

In addition, a variety of ingredients in Japanese cuisine are often used without being heated. Therefore, keeping cutting boards hygienic is even more important.
Our cutting boards are: easy to wash because of their light weight, able to be heat sterilized with their rigidity, and very hygienic due to their industry-leading antibacterial properties.