Chefs choose Hasegawa kitchen wares for good reasons. So, why not add one to your quality home kitchen? We have blade-friendly cutting boards and many other products which are hygienic and user friendly. They boost your cooking performance and experience.

The Gold Standard of Synthetic Rubber Boards for Your Quality Knives

The most important factor to maintain the sharpness of knives is the cutting surface.
Among synthetic rubber cutting boards which are gaining in popularity, Hasegawa cutting boards are considered the golden standard.

Our cutting boards have advantages of both wooden ones and plastic ones.
Wooden ones are usually blade-friendly and lighter in weight but there is a concern about hygiene, as it is not recommended in some regions by their health departments.
Plastic ones are usually more hygienic but some of them are heavy or warp easily.

These are the reasons why Hasegawa cutting boards are favored; Its light weight is what you notice at the very beginning when receiving it.
Its soft surface is what you feel immediately when your knife touches it.
Its anti-slippery surface is what you love when cutting ingredients on it.
Its rigidity and anti-bacterial properties are what you realize after prolonged use.
Also, you won’t have to sharpen your knives as often as you used to.

Soft Cutting Board, Home Use -FRK-

The Soft Cutting Board cushions and absorbs the blows of your knife, thus preserving your blade’s sharpness. The wood core makes it rigid and lightweight.

FRK Series

Better Hygiene Maintenance from Kitchen Wares at Home

Kitchens are ideal places for bacteria to grow. To stop the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses, a practice of kitchen hygiene is needed. And of course, your kitchen wares should be suitable for that.

Our sushi roll mats are made of advanced plastic. It is easy to clean as grains of rice do not easily stick to the surface, and is easy to dry as they do not absorb water. Also, you can simply put them in dishwashers to clean.

Makisu -FMK-

Hasegawa Makisu is a revolutionary sushi roll mat that is made from advanced plastic and monofilaments. It is very hygienic, and yet as easy to roll as conventional ones.

FMK Series

Whisk -FWS-

Hasegawa whisk is tough and hygienic. The wide open rods makes it easy to wash. The solid grip without any voids avoids liquid from entering inside.

FWS Series

Do you stabilize your cutting boards with wet towels? Bacteria loves wet towels which touch the other side of your cutting boards. To ensure the safety of you and your family, our non-slip mats are a great alternative to place under cutting boards. They are water proof, non-absorbent, and dishwasher safe.

Non-Slip Mat -FYS-

This multipurpose non-slip mat has a strong grip which even resists water. An hygienic alternative to wet cloths, to place under cutting boards. It is also easy to wash and dry.

FYS Series

Does your cutting board have stains, feathering or mold on the surface? It may look unpleasant, and contaminate your food. Scrape it off with our cutting board scraper, which can be used on plastic or wood cutting boards.

Cutting Board SCRAPER -CBS-

It works for tough spots, yellowing, mold, grooves and feathering on the surface of your cutting boards. The scraper also has a finishing surface to smoothening after scraping.

CBS Series