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A Guide to Thickness of Cutting Boards

Have you ever considered the thickness of cutting boards?

There are so many options, but it’s crucial to choose the best thickness for your needs.

Thin cutting boards are easy to handle and clean. Additionally, they take up less space, and are more reasonable compared to thick cutting boards.

However, thin cutting boards are prone to warping, and once they warp, they become very inconvenient to use. Also, the impact on your hand from using thin cutting board is greater, which can lead to fatigue. What is worse, they lack stability due to their lightness, thus there is a risk of cutting your hand.

Moreover, thick cutting boards are less tiring compared to a thin one. Also, they provide you with better usability thanks to their stability, which reduces any risk of injuries.

The workspace is not only the surface of the cutting board, but also the surrounds of it. The tip or heel of the knife blade may go over the edge of the board. In this case, the cutting board should be thick enough so that the knife is less likely to interfere with the cooking table or other objects placed around the board. What is more, since knives are sometimes used by tilting them forward or backward, the thickness is even more important.

And now, the biggest drawback of a thick cutting board is its weight, which has ben alleviated with the Hasegawa cutting board. Thanks to its wood-core structure, even though it is adequately thick, it is lighter than other cutting boards of the same thickness.

The wood-core makes our cutting boards not only light, but it also adds rigidity. Its unique structure prevents warping, ensures stability, reduces the risk of injuries and increases work productivity.

In terms of hygiene, our cutting boards not only easy to wash, but can also be used in a dishwasher and in hot-air storage, as it rarely warps.

There may be those who haven’t considered the thickness of cutting boards. We hope everyone realizes that it is very important when choosing one. A cutting board is the so-called core of the kitchen, since it helps you enjoy cooking, enhances the quality of the meals, the sanitation level and work productivity.

How about looking for a suitable one for yourself?

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