User Interview

Kobayashi : An Authentic Sushi Kaiseki Restaurant in Chiba, Japan

We’d like to introduce a user of our cutting boards. ‘Kobayashi’ in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture,
is an authentic sushi and kaiseki restaurant opened by the owner, Mr. Kobayashi, in July 2021
amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Kobayashi, though still young, trained at several renowned restaurants in Tokyo before opening his own establishment here in Chiba.

When did you decide to become a sushi chef?

Since childhood, I often found myself in the kitchen, taking care of cooking duties in place of my ill mother. Back then, I would receive a fixed amount for preparing meals, but if there was leftover, I could keep it as my allowance. Consequently, even as a child, I vividly remember striving to make delicious dishes while minimizing ingredient costs.
Although I drifted away from cooking during junior high and high school due to busy club activities, I pursued a career as a chef in adulthood. Through a fortuitous connection,
I was hired as a Japanese cuisine chef at the Tokyo Bay Court Club.
During that period, my passion for cooking intensified, and I found myself increasingly immersed in the depth of culinary arts, making the experience highly enjoyable.
Subsequently, while continuing to explore cooking, I had the privilege of working in Michelin-starred sushi and kaiseki restaurants in Nishi-Azabu and Ginza through various connections.
Although I always had a strong inclination towards independence, my experiences in the Tokyo sushi and kaiseki establishments instilled in me a solid confidence in pursuing my own path.

What are your criteria for selecting and maintaining cooking tools?

Durability, ease of maintenance, and reasonable pricing are essential.
However, I avoid using inferior-quality products.

Can you share your experience using HASEGAWA cutting boards?

They’re excellent. The difference was evident the moment I started using them.
Before encountering Hasegawa cutting boards, my focus was primarily on knives, and I didn’t pay much attention to cutting boards, thinking any wooden one would suffice.
However, after using Hasegawa cutting boards, I noticed that the sharpness of the blade lasts longer which reduces the frequency of sharpening. Also, there’s minimal damage to the ingredients, so I particularly appreciate how gentle they are on ingredients.
Moreover, they’re incredibly easy to cut on. While softer materials like silicone might seem very soft,
they might also make cutting ingredients difficult. This sensation might be difficult to convey to non-professional artisans, but the feeling of the blade almost sticking to the cutting board makes it incredibly easy to cut ingredients. It made a real difference.

Do you have a promotional message for your restaurant?

Not particularly. Since I’m still young, I would be grateful if people could come to taste our dishes
and see our personalities firsthand.

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