HASEGAWA has Zero Carbon Footprint

Do you know how much CO₂ is released from energy use? As you can see in the data, CO₂ emission in the manufacturing industry is the largest.

Currently, the world has been focusing on the environment and resources, since we use an enormous amount of energy in various ways. Generally speaking, manufacturers tend to consume much more energy compared to other industries. This especially is why HASEGAWA contributes to conserve the environment. Let’s confirm the details.

Since August 2022, we have gotten a license of the non-fossil certificate (the value of no CO₂ emissions). In other words, we would say we use technically 100% of renewable energy.
Last year, our CO₂ emissions were 569 tons. However, it has been zero after starting to use green power. This corresponds to No.7 goal of SDGs, affordable and clean energy. HASEGAWA is contributing to one of the targets of No.7, “increase global percentage of renewable energy”.

Through dealing with this problem, we would like to overcome the challenges as a manufacturer for SDGs. Please be aware of our attempt for a better future.

Shall we think about the future of energy?


FY2020 EnergySupply and Demand Report (Revised Report) ( 15th April, 2022


by The Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE) from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
(資源エネルギー庁総務課戦略企画室 経済産業省)

-The Certificate of Purchase Agreement for the CO₂ Free Electric Power

The Certificate of Purchase Agreement for the CO₂ Free Electric Power

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