Non-Slip Mat

Hidden features of the Non-Slip Mat

The Non-Slip Mat is unique with its outstanding grip. Initially, it is designed to use for cutting boards, but can be used in various ways with its powerful grip. The name “Non-Slip Mat” speaks for itself, but there are some hidden features behind. In this article, we take a closer look at its features.


There are many different types of non-slip mats in the market. And generally, they are cheaper than our Non-Slip Mat. However, most of them lose their grip when wet. HASEGAWA Non-Slip Mat doesn’t lose its grip even when wet. This feature comes from the shape of the surface. As shown in the photo , it has an embossed shape, which gives water space to escape. At the same time, the surface of the emboss is glassy. So, water which causes the loss of grip does not exist between the top of the emboss and a cutting board. This is why the Non-Slip Mat has excellent waterproofness, which differentiates it from regular non-slip mats in the market.

Appropriate Rigidity

The material of Non-Slip Mat is very soft, which is essential for its strong grip force. However, soft and sticky materials are often difficult to handle and troublesome when being used. Our Non-Slip Mat is made of not just one soft material, but two materials which are soft and hard. To be precise, it is a 3-ply structure, which has a hard plastic sheet in the middle as shown in the photo above. This core layer gives it an appropriate rigidity, which makes it easy-to-handle and less troublesome. Specifically, it stands when drying after being washed thanks to its rigidity. It is very important from a hygienic point of view.

Cushioning Effect

Once again, it is about the emboss. The shape of the emboss is cylindrical, which is 5 mm in diameter and 1 mm in height. This cylindrical emboss cushions and absorbs impacts. And this cushioning effect works much like car suspension. Not only the material of a tire, but also the suspension prevent cars from slipping. That is also why HASEGAWA Non-Slip Mat has a strong grip force.

Versatile Use

Non-Slip Mat is designed for the use with cutting boards. Not only that, it can be used for different purposes. In a kitchen, the photos above show some examples of different uses.

Outside of a kitchen, even more ways of use are possible as shown above.

Non-Slip Mats can be cut by scissors or a box-cutter, you can customize it to your favorite size or shape.